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Body & Mind Therapy

Tina Jensen Friis

Body & Mind Therapy
Often we leave our personal wellbeing unattended until a small issue has become a big problem, causing decreased wellbeing and quality of life, possibly leading to days off-sick. Complementary therapies can help us stay on track of a healthy lifestyle which promotes our wellbeing. Tina is a well-established complementary therapist practicing from the renowned health centre in Honiton, Chiropractic Care / The Therapy Centre, since 2009. Tina offers a range of complementary therapies focusing on both body and mind. She is specialised within advanced massage and sports/remedial massage, skilfully treating injuries and muscular problems. Tina also works as a teacher, coach and psychology counseller, running courses, workshops and events to both private individuals and businesses to promote wellbeing. Tina is a CThA professional member. Registered Professionals are fully trained and are bound by a strict Code of Practice. You can be confident of a high quality, professional treatment.
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